Saturday, October 10, 2009

Puggle and Postcard

This is Daisy.
She came all the way from Ohio to live with us. I may need my head examined... Three dogs in a small cape house is a lot! We decided to adopt a third dog because my greyhound Suzie is aging rather suddenly, and my other greyhound Leo cannot be alone. I want to have a dog already part of our family and not have to make a haste decision about a new dog when my old lady girl passes. (Sniff! :( )
Miss Daisy arrived from Ohio this morning. I had to meet the adoption group in a Walmart parking lot at 9:00 am. It was a strange experience. The adoption group trucks dogs to New Hampshire from Ohio in a big Ryder van. (Boy was that van smelly!!) They make this trip every other week. Can you imagine? There was a litter of puppies and about 15 dogs all milling around with the people who were there to meet them and bring them home. The woman was very sad to part with Daisy. She told me that Daisy started her life with an abusive family, then went to a family that had to give her up because they lost their home. The adoption lady had her living in her home with her, and felt she needed more attention than she could give her. Now she lives near the ocean in Massachusetts with us. So far, she is very cheerful, snores quite loudly, and likes to help put away clean laundry. Leo and Suzie don't quite know what to think... they'll keep you posted. 

My day has been fun today with the new addition, but it got even better when the mail came...

I got a postcard from the fabulous Christina of  Soul Aperture. 

 Isn't it beautiful? It's such a treat to get pretty things in the mail. The postcard was part of a kindness swap hosted by Pixie Dust.
Thank you ladies!! 


PixieDust said...

Daisy, Daisy, Daisy - you are too sweet! Not to mention lucky, you just joined a beautiful family, because Kelli? Well, she has a heart of gold!

My prayers go out to your Suzie girl, and you... I know how hard that day is going to be... however, good thoughts for now because today is a good day, yes?

Yes it is because your postcard is there, yay! Isn't Christina magical? And I'll let you in on something - every postcard that came in and will find a new home is just as precious.


Happy weekend!

Anali said...

Daisy is very sweet and I'm sure very happy to be with you. It's so good to hear about pets that have been rescued.

And Christina's card is beautiful. She's so awesome! I'm here by way of her blog. I saw that we are both in Massachusetts, so I thought I'd stop over and say "hi." :D

Christina said...

Suzie is in my prayers. The pets are family, and I know this all too well. : )
Daisy is beautiful, I send her the sweetest tummy rub.
I am thrilled, you received the post card- it warms my heart.