Saturday, March 27, 2010

Rain, Rain, Go Away!!

April showers are a month early this year.
Last week, we had a crazy storm that dumped six to eight inches
of rain here in Massachusetts. A few days later, two more inches.
Monday, we are supposed to get another five inches.
I am a fan of the occasional rainy day, but this is getting ridiculous!
There are so many people around here who have sustained massive
flood damage, and they just can't get dried out.
Let's all send positive thoughts their way...
In the meantime, I will be thankful it hasn't been snow.
We'd probably have ten feet by now.

1 comment:

Life With Dogs said...

We have been fortunate this year - the big storms that hit southern New England have all missed us. I'm not rubbing it in. I swear. ;)