Wednesday, December 29, 2010

December Flew By

It's almost the new year again...
December has been good to us.
We are freshly coated in 18" of sparkly white snow.
No fun to shovel, but pretty to look at.
Greg spent hours shoveling. I spent hours cleaning as we had to have
the house appraised for a refinance.
There's nothing like a deadline to make you get organized!
Daisy loves the snow...
Leo prefers the couch.


Baracka said...

beautiful, and peaceful pictures.. blessings upon you and your family this new year and always...

Prairie Girl Studio said...

hi kelli ~
nice to find you and visit your lovely blog ~ your pups are adorable ~ wonderful images everywhere ...
: )
i really wanted to tell you that i am sitting here listening to your selections in jamie's soundtrack at the ... and wow ... your songs ROCK!!
really love adele ... love julie roberts (what a video) ... and warren and derek's guitar mastery in old friends is AWESOME ... thanks so much!
wishing you all the best ~