Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Gloomy and Dreary?

(If I could, I'd invent a sniff button so you could smell these lilacs...)

The weather around here has been just plain dreadful.
Raw, rainy, foggy and plain old depressing.
My lilacs are in full bloom under my living room window, and it's too cold to
open the window and enjoy the smell wafting in on a warm breeze.
Of course, the dogs don't seem to care if it is raining or not, and need to be walked.
As I meandered through my misty neighborhood with the greyhound and his puggle, I could hear all birds calling and singing, going about their business. The trees, bursting with green, drip-drip-drips of rain landing on new leaves
seem to be relaxing
after the business of coming alive again.
It made me realize that this weather isn't so bad after all.


Lissa @ lafcustomdesigns said...

Beautiful images. I have found rainy days are really a photographer's dream. Somehow it makes for enhanced colors as you've proven here. I love your suggestion for a sniff button. I wonder if someone will invent that in our lifetime!! lol

robin. said...

i can smell it kelli...ahh!!!