Saturday, August 22, 2009


Dear Leo, 
I know. I get it.
You are bored. 
If I can be really honest, you are
also a tad bit pathetic. I know I've been promising you a trip to the dog park, but there is a small problem with that. 

You see, it's been really, really hot this week and the dog park is dusty
 and doesn't have much shade.
 May I remind you that you hate the heat?? You are also not a huge fan of baths - something you'd be in dire need of after a trip to the hot, dusty dog park.

You should take the advice of Suzie. There's a girl who knows how to spend a hot sunny day. 
 (Fantastic. I'd be in front of the fan too, if she wasn't hogging it all the time...) 

Yes, Leo, and I'd love to have some room on the couch too...

Anyway, things will be more fun soon. It can't possibly be this hot forever, and in two more weeks, dogs will be allowed at the beach again. In the meantime, can you please stop stealing my shoes? 

(No problemo... Are those new flip-flops you're wearing?) 


Life With Dogs said...

Oh yes, we have sacrificed some flip flops ourselves this year. :( I have no idea what the flavoring agent is, but dogs can't resist them!

Susan Tuttle said...

adorable doggies, and love that vintage fan in the photo:)

Anonymous said...

Hilarious write up, poor Leo, love the journal. Bisk

Relyn said...

Oh! Leo is so precious. And, I'm with Susan. I want a fan just like that one.