Friday, July 23, 2010

A Different Perspective

You might notice that the above picture is upside down. It's not - I was. Well, sort of.
I was sprawled on my living room floor in front of a fan. (It sure has been hot in New England this summer!) I looked out the window and noticed how blue the sky was, grabbed my camera and took these pictures from the living room floor.
Sometimes all you need is a new vantage point.
All ducks in a row
Lazy greyhound
Clouds floating by
Puggle's perspective
She keeps an eye on things...
... wrinkles and all

Hope you are all enjoying your summer days - wherever you may be!


Georgianna said...

Great vantage point, Kelli! Definitely good to get a new angle on thing sometimes. Hope you have a cooler day tomorrow. :)

Brandi Reynolds said...

I adore the different perspective! And is there anything cuter than a doggie sprawled on the couch? I think not. :-)

beth said...

we could all use a new perspective....thanks for the reminder !